Tiniest Hero


MARCH 23, 2009, DADDY’S HOME!!!!!!






Following the Dream

You would have to understand the bond between brothers, the bond of love, caring, arguing, laughter, love, and the sharing of their love for all of the outdoors. Hunting on the MOUNTAIN in Virginia, only these two brothers can recount the hours, the stories, of camping and sleeping out in the cold, the hunt, the chase, and eventually the kill. The brothers are both Military, one now in the states, the other, a new daddy many thousands of miles away, yet to hold his new baby, living by the internet, pictures and the phone, watching and hearing this new little one grow daily. A promise between brothers, to keep the dream alive, hunt alone if necessary, but hunt, until they can both be together again and make this family complete.

So a promise is made and kept, and a little girl, Acelan Dawn, has had her picture taken with her Uncle Jace, and her first deer. Daddy’s coming sweetheart, and I know there’s a big deer out there hiding, waiting for him for next year when he is home, and we will continue to add to this page of ‘youngest heroes’. I know Acelan is one of thousands, an infant hero, held safe in Mom’s arms, giving up that complete family unit while Dad and in some cases Mom, is off in a foreign land, working diligently to keep the USA a safe place for all of our families to come. I love you sons, you are my Heroes.